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EcoLog News and Legislative Tracker Newsletter

Your weekly source of EHS news and updates to regulatory activity.

Now you can stay on top of the latest news and follow legislation at EVERY STAGE IN ITS DEVELOPMENT, in a fast, easy way!

Stop wasting your time, money and resources searching for regulatory updates, reading lengthy, complicated legal text and sourcing EHS news outlets. EcoLog’s weekly newsletter does all the work for you!

EcoLog News is Canada’s most informative and current source of EHS news. It delivers the latest EHS news, public and private sector programs and environmental technologies from a cross-section of Canadian industries and organizations as they happen!


  • environmental and health & safety news
  • public and private sector programs and activities
  • environmental technologies
  • pollution control
  • waste management programs
  • spill cleanup and response systems
  • regulatory programs
  • funding and contract news
  • business and government contracts
  • conference reports and advance notices

EcoLog Legislative Tracker allows you to easily track the progress of proposed regulatory activities at every stage – from proposal to enactment – in the federal, provincial and territorial governments.


  • tracks ALL amendments to federal, provincial and territorial legislation

  • provides you with regulatory activities at every single stage – from proposed to final

  • condenses all updates for you into clear, succinct, easy-to-read summaries

  • includes links to the FULL text of original and updated documents

  • saves you time, money and resources!

By being privy to news and legislation that is still in development, you are:

  • up-to-date on industrial and technological developments

  • responsive to recent parliamentary developments, government announcements and other news from industry and organizations.

  • aware of any legislative changes

  • better prepared for upcoming compliance requirements

  • able to manage your resources for necessary compliance measures

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