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EcoLog Legislative Tracker

EcoLog’s Legisaltive Tracker allows you to easily track proposed regulatory activity BEFORE it becomes law.

By being privy to legislation that is still in development, you will:

  • Always have advanced knowledge of any legislative changes
  • Be better prepared for upcoming compliance requirements
  • Be able to manage your resources for necessary compliance measures
  • Effectively conduct your due diligence and safeguard your business

EcoLog's Legislative Tracker Service:

  • Tracks ALL amendments to federal, provincial / territorial legislation
  • Provides you with legislation at every single stage - from proposed to final
  • Sends you monthly summaries of all changes directly to your inbox
  • Includes links to the FULL text of the proposed and final legislation
  • Saves you valuable time, money and effort

See for yourself how easy it is to stay on top of changes to legislation without having to read through entire acts or regulations.

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