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Keep track of EHS compliance issues!

The EHScompliance monthly online newsletter is your comprehensive and authoritative update on Canadian environmental and OH&S law. It includes analysis of new legislation and amendments affecting your business.

Find out who has done what in terms of crimes and misdemeanors, receive knowledgeable commentaries, find out what's hot and get advanced warning on what legislation has been proposed, both at the regional and national level.

With your ehscompliance subscription you can

  • Learn about enforcement activities through the Legal Perspective column -- expert commentary from McCarthy Tétrault, Canada's leading environmental law firm. Plus, read safety law commentary from OH&S legal expert Mary Beth Currie at Bennett Jones.

  • Get the inside track on legislation as soon as it's drafted, well in time to lobby your company's position, if needed.

  • Receive up-to-the-minute reports on regional and national legislation, including the latest on pollution prevention, contaminated sites, transporting dangerous goods, air and water quality, workplace safety and more.

  • Find out about companies charged and fined for non-compliance - so you can learn from their mistakes.

  • Bring compliance knowledge into your business decisions and respond to newly decided provincial and federal cases.

A few of the topics in the headlines

Environmental Compliance Articles:
  • Ont rolls out WEEE Program Plan for comment

  • Wastewater effluent standards come with high price tag

  • Alberta proposing result-sbased approach to sustainability

  • NS to develop used-tire management strategy

  • Legal column by McCarthy Tétrault LLP: Parent and director liability

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