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National Legislation & Legislative Tracker Combo

Your COMPLETE Canadian legislative package, for all your EHS compliance requirements.

EcoLog’s special National Legislation Combo package gives you COMPLETE access to the authoritative collection of federal, provincial and territorial environment and safety laws, monthly compliance updates, vital environmental industry news, PLUS you are able to follow legislation at EVERY STAGE IN ITS DEVELOPMENT, in a fast, easy way!

With this complete legislative combo package you will:

  • Access Canada's more than 2,800 federal, provincial/territorial environment/safety laws, published in full text.
  • Receive environmental news and regulatory updates each week, updating you on recent legislative developments, federal and provincial/territorial government announcements, and relevant news from industry and organizations.
  • Be able to easily track regulatory activity at every stage in the legislative process: from proposal to enactment so you can stay informed of upcoming changes before they become law.
  • Stay on top of ever-changing compliance requirements with EcoLog’s legislation email alerts that notify you when legislation you are monitoring is replaced or amended.
  • Turn to EcoLog for expert editorial analysis and interpretation on compliance matters and share insights with your colleagues and clients.
  • Save time, money and resources needed to track upcoming legislation you require to do your job.
  • Be able to participate early in the development of upcoming legislation that will affect your business.

The National Legislation Combo package includes the weekly EcoLog News and Legislative Tracker Newsletter, which keeps you informed on the latest EHS news and regulatory activity that is in development.

By being privy to news and legislation that is still in development, you are:

  • up-to-date on industrial and technological developments

  • responsive to recent parliamentary developments, government announcements and other news from industry and organizations.

  • aware of any legislative changes

  • better prepared for upcoming compliance requirements

  • able to manage your resources for necessary compliance measures

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