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Lidia Lubka

Lidia Lubka — publisher/editor of EcoLog's occupational health and safety and environment legislative service, EcoLog’s legislative monitoring service, EcoLog News, newsletter, and newsletter — is a 25+-year veteran of legal publishing with a journalism degree.

When Lidia joined Business Information Group (formerly Southam Inc.) more than 20 years ago, the legislative service was available only in print (a few binders) and there were two four-page newsletters. Today, the legislative service is available online, the print version has grown to 30 binders of updated national legislation, a new legislative monitoring service has been launched, and conferences on occupational health and safety and environment issues are produced. And the newsletters have double and triple the content in print and online.

Over the years, Lidia has received multiple awards, including two first-place awards, from the international Washington, D.C.-based Specialized Information Publishers Association (formerly the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association) for "editorial excellence, thoroughness and clarity, and usefulness to subscribers."

Lidia has never owned/driven an SUV and still has no air conditioning in her house.

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Jeff Wong

Jeff Wong is the technical/production editor of EcoLog’s occupational health and safety and environment legislative service, and EcoLog’s legislative monitoring service. He takes the lead in updating, proofreading and producing EcoLog's legislative services.

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