EcoLog,  9/6/2019

NS consults on new sustainability legislation

by Mark Sabourin

Nova Scotia’s (N.S.’s) 2007 Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act listed 25 goals for cleaner energy, climate change, healthy air and water, biodiversity, and sustainability leadership. Thirteen have been met and the remaining 12 are ongoing, according to N.S.’s most recent “Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act 2015-17 Progress Report”, and now’s the time for new legislation and a new set of sustainability priorities.

Declaring all 25 goals to be achieved or ongoing may be a bit of a stretch. Several of the goals listed as ongoing have target dates of 2020.

However, the only clear miss is the goal of reducing solid waste disposal to no greater than 300 kilograms (kg) per person per year by 2015. The “Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act Progress Report 2014-2015” lists per capita disposal at 380 kg per person — well below the national average but still distant from the goal.

Waste disposal — now reformulated as “circular economy” — will be one of six areas of focus for the new legislation, according to N.S.’s consultation document — “Sustainable Prosperity Act: consultation”. The others are cleaner energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, leadership in sustainable prosperity, biodiversity and natural asset stewardship, and inclusive economy.

The N.S. government is inviting feedback on the new sustainability legislation through September 27, 2019.

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