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Co-operative sector falling short on climate-related disclosure
A study of climate-related disclosure by Canadian co-operatives and credit unions finds plenty of room for improvement within the co-operative sector. The “Review of Climate-Related Disclosures by Canadian Co-operatives and Credit...
10/20/2017 | Full Story

Not what it wanted to hear: Manitoba gets legal opinion on carbon pricing
The federal government’s carbon pricing benchmark and backstop proposals rest on solid constitutional ground, according to a legal opinion sought by the province of Manitoba and delivered on October 6, 2017 by University of Manitoba Law...
10/13/2017 | Full Story

Nova Scotia introduces modest cap-and-trade Bill
10/6/2017 | Full Story

Western Governors Envision Electric Vehicle Corridor
10/6/2017 | Full Story

Federal environmental commissioner says Ottawa falling short on climate targets, adaptation
10/6/2017 | Full Story

Ontario officially joins the cap-and-trade club Log In or Subscribe to View Article
9/29/2017 | Full Story

CANADA - Occupational health and safety legislation Log In or Subscribe to View Article
9/27/2017 | Full Story

ONTARIO - environment legislation Log In or Subscribe to View Article
9/27/2017 | Full Story

Nova Scotia to introduce cap and trade legislation in fall 2017 Log In or Subscribe to View Article
9/27/2017 | Full Story

Biofuel makes the case for continued mandates Log In or Subscribe to View Article
9/27/2017 | Full Story

Forest industry sees promise in new bioeconomy framework
9/22/2017 | Full Story

Vancouver will ban natural gas . . . or will it?
9/22/2017 | Full Story

Commercial scale waste-to-ethanol plant opens in Edmonton
9/22/2017 | Full Story

Power Plants Get Two-Year Reprieve for Parts of Wastewater Rule
9/15/2017 | Full Story

Column: Research explores waste reduction strategies at stadiums appropriate to almost any waste generator
9/8/2017 | Full Story

Conference Board tallies the cost of a cleaner future
9/8/2017 | Full Story

Automakers, Parts Suppliers at Odds Over EPA Emissions Standards
9/8/2017 | Full Story

Quebec proposes carbon caps through 2030
9/8/2017 | Full Story

Addressing the climate change challenges of existing buildings
9/1/2017 | Full Story

Results of 12th Que-California auction higher Log In or Subscribe to View Article
8/29/2017 | Full Story

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