EcoLog,  8/9/2019

Ottawa renews contaminated sites action plan

by Mark Sabourin

The federal government has renewed its contaminated sites action plan for another 15 years, extending it to the 2020–2034 period and committing $1.16 billion from 2020 to 2024.

The Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan was launched in 2005 to reduce environmental and human health risks from sites on federal lands known to have been contaminated by past federal activities. The focus is on the highest priority sites. Almost 17,000 contaminated sites have been closed as a result, either through remediation or other action that manages the risks of the site.

With the additional funding for 2020 to 2024, the government expects to undertake remediation activities on 1,316 contaminated sites and assess another 242.

The Federal Contaminated Sites Inventory contains information on more than 23,600 known and suspected federal sites, 70% of which are now closed. The remaining sites are either in assessment, remediation, or long-term monitoring.

Contaminated sites vary in size and type, ranging from small areas of soil contaminated by spilled fuel or leaking batteries to large abandoned mine sites contaminated by heavy metals and other dangerous substances.

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