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  • EPA Issues Draft Radiological Guide for Drinking Water

    Emergency responders should restrict the general population's consumption of drinking water after a radiological incident occurs if the water has a radionuclides concentration of at least 500 millirem projected dose in the first year, the...

    6/10/2016 | Full Story
  • Lancaster Sound follow-up

    Shell Canada is voluntarily giving up 30 disputed exploration permits in Baffin Bay, Nunavut, paving the way to the establishment of the Lancaster Sound as a National Marine Conservation Area. Shell surrendered the permits to the Nature...

    6/10/2016 | Full Story
  • Carbon revenue: the embarrassment of riches

    Three audit reports — one from the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, another from the federal Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, the third from Quebec’s Auditor General — together serve as...

    6/3/2016 | Full Story
  • New BC climate plan, coming in June 2016, will address LNG concerns, says Environment Minister

    A letter critical of the Pacific NorthWest LNG proposal, signed by 90 climate scientists from around the world and addressed to federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna, misses the mark according to British Columbia...

    6/3/2016 | Full Story
  • Renewables Have Environmental Justice Benefits: Advocates

    Government officials, energy companies and others should consider the co-benefits of renewable energy use and energy efficiency as part of their planning process, environmental justice advocates said June 1. Read more.

    6/3/2016 | Full Story
  • NB, Nfld confirm no-fracking policies

    Though they took different paths, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador appear to have arrived at the same destination, in the process retaining Atlantic Canada’s unofficial designation as a frack-free zone.

    6/3/2016 | Full Story
  • COLUMN: Packaging sustainability

    Sokhna Gueye, packaging environmental sustainability specialist at the Nestlé Research Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland, gave an interesting presentation on packaging sustainability at the recent Innovation Takes Root conference sponsored...

    5/27/2016 | Full Story
  • Economists applaud Alberta climate plan

    Albertans should definitely debate the details of Bill 20, the Climate Leadership Implementation Act, which was introduced in the Legislature on May 24, 2016. But the principle is sound, according to a group of economists who gathered online,...

    5/27/2016 | Full Story
  • Report: G-7 Quietly Continuing to Fund Coal Projects

    A group of observer organizations released a report May 24 showing that the world's most important industrialized countries continue to fund coal projects, even as they agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through international pacts like...

    5/27/2016 | Full Story
  • Court says feds must review questionable pesticides

    The Federal Court has ruled that Ottawa cannot shirk its responsibility to review registered pesticides that contain an active ingredient that has been banned by a member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

    5/27/2016 | Full Story
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