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New regulations pave way for LNG facility on BC reserve

EcoLog Staff
EcoLog, 1/25/2013 10:48:00 AM

New regulations under the First Nations Commercial and Industrial Development Act (FNCIDA) have solidified the future of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility on the British Columbia coast near Prince Rupert.

The Kitimat LNG export facility is set to be built on the Haisla First Nation’s Bees Indian Reserve No. 6., approximately 650 kilometres north of Vancouver. It is currently progressing through the front-end engineering and design phase.

Company officials say the facility will have a capacity of five million metric tonnes per year of LNG output, with a Canadian National Energy Board license to export 10 million tonnes per year.

Federal Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development John Duncan announced the The Haisla Natural Gas Facility Regulations in a January 22, 2013 press conference.

“The Kitimat LNG facility will create well-paying jobs in British Columbia, while giving Canadian energy producers access to important overseas markets. I applaud the Haisla First Nation for [its] vision, leadership and commitment to seizing this opportunity for their community,” Duncan said.

The The Haisla Natural Gas Facility Regulations allow government to work with First Nations and provincial regulatory authorities to create regulations for complex commercial and industrial development projects on the reserve.

In addition to the Haisla Natural Gas Facility Regulations the federal and B.C. governments and Haisla Nation have signed a tripartite agreement that ensures administrative, monitoring and compliance activities for the LNG facility are performed and enforced by provincial officials.

“Kitimat LNG offers new, important and sustainable economic opportunities which the Haisla people are eager to embrace,” Haisla Chief Councillor Ellis Ross said in the same public announcement.

“We have seen new jobs, business opportunities, and skills training come to our people since KM LNG signed its agreement with us, and we know that the agreement signed today with Canada and B.C. is a milestone in making the project a reality,” Ross added.

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