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Honda appeals to the carbon-conscious car buyer

by Mark Sabourin
EcoLog, 1/10/2020 8:50:00 AM

Honda Canada is shining a bright light on the carbon emissions of its new fleet of passenger cars and trucks. It is believed to be the first automotive brand in Canada to display carbon emissions in grams per kilometre driven, both in the showroom and online. The disclosure is part of a new campaign entitled ‘Driven to Reduce Emissions Since 1948’, aimed at the carbon-conscious Canadian car buyer.

Though it is not mandatory, typically new cars sold in Canada will display an EnerGuide label that discloses average annual fuel consumption, fuel cost and carbon emissions based on government of Canada-approved criteria and testing methods. Honda’s new awareness campaign posts government-verified vehicle CO2 emission ratings directly on Honda.ca for every model Honda sells in Canada.

Similar to food service providers listing caloric information offering product transparency, vehicle emission indicator badges display the grams per kilometre driven emission rating, supporting informed purchase decisions for consumers. The campaign also educates Canadians on Honda’s global philosophy and vision of reducing overall CO2 emissions from its products and all aspects of its business and manufacturing operations.

Honda believes it has a good story to tell. According to the latest greenhouse gas emissions performance report issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada for 2017, Honda Canada’s vehicle fleet was among the top performers in CO2 emissions among internal combustion engine manufacturers

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