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Quebec company earns Carbon Care accreditation to help corporations reduce GHG emissions

EcoLog, 2/8/2013 1:32:00 PM

Quebec company Enviro-accès has become one of just two Canadian companies to receive accreditation through the Standards Council of Canada to issue Carbon Care certificates to corporations battling greenhouse gas emissions.

The Montreal-based company has become a leader in emissions audits since it changed its mandate around 2003. Now, its validation activities are based on the guidelines and specifications of internationally recognized standard  ISO 14064-3 to help corporations effectively manage their emissions. The company is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada under the ISO 14065 (Greenhouse Gas Accreditation Program) in the “Waste Handling and Disposal” section.

In a February 2013 statement to media, Enviro-accès says it will be launching the Carbon  Care certificate program on February 14, 2013. President and CEO of Enviro-accès, Manon Laporte, says she will “demystify the process leading to the reduction and offsetting of GHG emissions and will explain the aims and requirements associated with the new certificate.”

Enviro-accès is also using the launch as an opportunity to issue its first Carbon Care certificate. The honour will go to the National Bank of Canada. At the event, André Longpré, manager of Building Engineering and Sustainable Development at the National Bank of Canada, will explain the steps that led to the bank's qualifications for the certificate.

An emissions audit has four stages, Enviro-accès says. First, there must be agreement on basic validation elements. Second, there is the determination of the validation method. Third, there is the assessment of the emissions reduction project plan; and finally, a report of the validation opinion.

Enviro-accès then establishes a sampling plan and a validation plan that determines how the information provided will be assessed,” the company’s web site states. “Once this information is evaluated, can issue its opinion according to the basic elements determined at the outset. Finally, a validation notice describing these conclusions is provided to the client and target user.”

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