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Merger creates major carbon fighter firm in Vancouver

EcoLog, 1/4/2013 12:37:00 PM

Two leading carbon management solutions firms have merged in Vancouver to help companies worldwide reduce their environmental footprints.

Offsetters Clean Technology Inc. joined forces with ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd. to create a team of 30 climate change experts who can consult with companies to reach sustainability targets. 

"For clients — regardless of their size or scope — that means one-stop shopping to manage their environmental impact,” James Tansey, president and CEO of ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd. said in a December 17, 2012 statement about the merger.

"[The] extension of the Kyoto Protocol in Doha, Qatar, though positive, was also a signal that more action is needed to take action against climate change," Tansey added.

The merged companies will operate under the banner ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd.

ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd. said it provides clients with a sustainability consultancy services including carbon, water and waste footprinting. In the new company’s announcement about the merger, it describes itself as “one of the few firms in North America capable of managing an organization's climate impact from beginning to end.”

The business opportunities related to dealing with global climate change are significant for ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd., with emerging North American carbon markets in California, Alberta and Quebec. The World Bank estimates that carbon markets worldwide are valued at $176 billion.

"The recent auction of carbon allowances by the Western Climate Initiative is the latest example of the economic opportunity," Tansey said. "All 23 million tonnes of allowances made available were sold at a total value of over USD$230 million."

The ERA Carbon Offsets Ltd. head office is in Vancouver, with additional staff located in Portland, Oregon, and Inongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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