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EcoLog Environmental Resources Group is Canada's leading publisher of print and electronic environmental, oh&s and workers' compensation news, legislation and compliance solutions. Subscribers include EHS managers, engineers, executives and lawyers in all industry sectors and government.

For over 30 years, EcoLog has been providing environmental, oh&s and workers' compensation information to thousands of Canadian and international businesses in manufacturing, mining, forestry, transportation, and oil and gas. You can count on EcoLog's dedicated and award-winning editorial staff to provide you with the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date environmental and oh&s information available anywhere.

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Ecolog Legislation
EcoLog Legislation -- Canadian Environmental and Health & Safety Legislation

The National Legislation Service allows you to access EcoLog's database of Canada's more than 2,300 federal, provincial and territorial environmental, oh&s, and workers' compensation Acts, regulations, guidelines and codes of practice. That is more than 21,800 pages of compliance information that is updated and consolidated every month. As a subscriber, you can bookmark the legislation that is important to you and receive an e-mail alert when that bookmarked legislation has been amended or replaced. The environmental legislation is organized by relevant topics such as "air", "water" or "waste". As a national subscriber, you also receive a monthly newsletter alerting you to upcoming environmental, oh&s, and workers' compensation legislation and policies across Canada before the legislation becomes law and is incorporated into EcoLog's legislative database.

EcoLog's easy-to-use search engine allows you to find what you need quickly and easily. You can search for and instantly find any word, phrase or string of characters in the entire environmental and oh&s legislative database. Or you can search by jurisdiction and by legislation.

Subscribers to EcoLog Legislation also receive access to content from weekly EcoLog News, magazine, magazine and archives.

A Regional Legislation Service is also available.

EcoLog Legislation
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Ecolog News
EcoLog News (formerly EcoWeek newsletter)

EcoLog News is Canada's most informative and current source of environmental and health & safety (EHS) news. It delivers the latest EHS news, public and private sector programs and environmental technologies from a cross section of Canadian industries and organizations as they happen! EcoLog News is automatically delivered to your inbox weekly without you, yourself, having to search for all the information you need.

Subscribe to EcoLog News Newsletter (formerly Environmental Compliance Report, Occupational Health & Safety Compliance Report, and is a monthly national online newsletter, in its 27th year, that alerts subscribers to upcoming environmental, oh&s, and workers' compensation legislation across Canada before it becomes law and is incorporated into EcoLog's legislative database. You'll get insight into enforcement activities, tips on what the hot issues are, commentary on how new legislation will impact your industry, and legal interpretation of precedent-setting cases.

Find out about draft legislation from the moment it's tabled in federal and provincial legislatures, know when to lobby for your company's position on proposed legislation, and stay posted on new enforcement activities affecting you, your job and your organization with newsletter.
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ERIS - Canada's Primary Environmental Risk Information Service

Environmental Risk Information Services (ERIS) is the only company to provide comprehensive data to assess environmental risk for properties throughout all of North America. Serving Canada coast to coast and in all 50 states, ERIS is the leading source of current and historical property information in both jurisdictions, meeting criteria set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Since 1999, ERIS has delivered accurate, affordable, on-demand radius database reports and historical products, including aerials, topographic maps, city directories, fire insurance maps and title searches. Reports are flexible, comprehensive and timely - your choice of preview, standard database, custom radius or linear reports, or report bundles. Whether you are doing a Phase I, Phase II, a remediation project, a loan or insurance assessment, or legal due diligence, ERIS is your North American resource for assessing environmental risk on properties.

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