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Track the progress of Canadian EHS regulatory and legislative activity at every stage – from proposal to enactment – in the federal, provincial and territorial governments!

EcoLog’s Legislative Tracker will reduce your workload, simplify your research, and save you time and money!

  • Learn about proposed, interim and final regulations and notices, and proposed and final laws.
  • Follow regulatory activity each week at every stage in the process.
  • Understand complex, lengthy regulations, translated into clear, succinct, plain-English action statements.
  • Stay informed on regulatory activity that is critical to your business operations and long-term compliance planning.

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  • Don’t waste time and resources searching for updates
    all regulatory updates are sent directly to your inbox on a weekly basis.
  • Avoid reading lengthy, complicated legal text
    all updates are condensed for you into clear, succinct, easy-to-read summaries.
  • End your search for original regulatory documents
    all updates include a link to original and updated full-text documents.

Let EcoLog’s Legislative Tracker work for you!

Your FREE TRIAL gives you complete access to
OVER 2,800 full text EHS Legislation and
special online features including:

  • Bookmarks

  • EcoLog's unique bookmarking capability allows you to easily organize, track and monitor legislation that affects you
  • Select only the legislation you need to track and monitor
  • Receive e-mails when your bookmarked legislation is updated
  • View changes highlighted in yellow, showing you exactly what has been updated
  • Searches

  • Quick Search option allows you to browse by keyword, jurisdiction, or Act or regulation.
  • Advanced Search option allows you to select and search by keyword, topic, jurisdiction and publish date in your choice of Environmental or Occupational Health and Safety databases.
  • Access 10 years of online content from past and present EHS publications.
  • What's New

  • Browse EcoLog EHS databases by What's New in Legislation
  • Summary of Changes listing allows you to see what specific sections of legislation have been changed
  • What's New by Jurisdiction listing allows you to see what's new by Act or regulation name

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